Our Body

The body is a physical structure of a living thing. It is made up of cells, tissues, organs and systems that work hand in hand. They form a complex system of relationship that the absence of one greatly cripples the entire body. The loss of an eye makes it hard for our other systems to grasp the events happening around …

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Lose Weight Fasting

The idea of fasting is still tied to the spiritual and religious practices. When we first heard about fasting, we immediately relate the term to the Catholics who practice this during Lent or to Muslims during Ramadan. In ancient times when people fasted they believed that doing so would improve their clarity of thought, and bring spiritual enlightenment and inspiration. …

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Alcohol And Weight Loss

When attemping to shed pounds, it is highly recommended you try to keep from alcohol consumption. This reasoning relies in both the reality that alcohol has a high power of unhealthy sugars and empty calories plus the knowledge that alcohol generally drives you compromise your habits, that may allow you to take in the wrong foods should they be available. …

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